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About Maria Christensen

Maria's has more than 20 years of experience in the Danish entertainment business and have worked with everything from box office management to subscriptions and daily operations of venues. Maria has been employeed at venues in Copenhagen, Denmark such as The Royal Theater, Danish Broadcasting Corporation's concert halls, The Royal Library/The Black Diamond and Kronborg Castle in Elsingore. Maria has built up extensive experience and insight into audience behavior and psychology, their needs and expectations. At the same time, Maria has come to understand, the challenges it creates for venues when they want to develop their audience services, especially on a very busy schedule and with few resources. Maria has over the past ten years sought methods to improve audience services despite these challenges.

In the book Publikumsservice, she shares her knowledge and experience and provides tools on how to achieve good audience services and how easily it can be incorporated into daily routines. This in the hope of giving colleagues in the entertainment business a head start in their customer service work.

Q&A with Maria Christensen:

Why did you write the book?

For many years the Danish entertainment business has been under severe pressure due to the economic cut downs. We need to restore and develop cultural life, and I believe this must also be done through good audience services. When we raise the service level, we raise the overall experience for the audience, and it gives happy, faithful and returning audiences. It is always good business to work on raising a company's customer service, and the entertainment business is no exception.

Who is the book for?

Audience services cater to theaters, museums, cinemas, venues and other entertainment venues. The book is divided into three chapters and there are tools for everyone who works with the audience services: from the employee in the Front of House area, to the bar or box office, to the team leader or head of operations at the venue. The book is designed as a coffetable book in large format and with many pictures, because it caters to an industry where entertainment value and aesthetics are important.

What difference would you like to make with your book?

I have worked for more than 20 years in the business, mostly with audience services, and I know how hard my colleagues at the venues work to make the experience for the audience as good as possible. But sometimes you need inspiration and new ways of approaching things. We often think that it is expensive to work with audience services, but it does not have to be that way. It's about what the attitude you have. My book is just meant as an inspiration to meet the needs that many venues have in their everyday work. This is the book I have been looking for myself, when working as an employee or team manager at some of Denmark's largest venues.

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